Seeking to utilize best practices from our range of sector expertise, we have taken the successful partnering approach of our office interior design and built projects into our retail design interiors and shop fit-out. These include:

Turnkey Solutions

It will cover all aspects of the project from the entry point to the exit point, completion, and sign-off. Attention to detail and concentrating on all the Project's Internal scope of work and Relevant Bill of Quantity (BOQ). This applies in the civil sector, retail and franchise sectors, and leisure or relevant brands. For small to large-scale projects, we have the internal structures to process this service unhindered. Read More

Project Management

Corp Design will provide a dedicated project manager to act on your behalf, and in your best interest, to source, procure and appoint the appropriate consultants, sub-contractors, and suppliers to undertake the works within budget, on time, and to the highest standards. Read More

Shop Fitting

We do every shop fitting, from a clothes rail for your business stockroom or shop floor to a mannequin for a display window. With a wide range of options for displays, marketing material, shop floor, stockroom, and office, you will find everything you need in one place.

Tilling & Carpentry

Corp Design has to date successfully implemented a number of African projects, ranging from smaller custom furniture exports to full concept design, planning, and on-site project installations. Experience has enabled the company to better position its services.


We cover all forms of ceiling applications. Plastered Ceilings, 600 x 1200 or 600 x 600, ceiling grids, and all relevant products that are available in the industry are covered in our Ceiling Application Solutions.

Wall Partitioning

CorpDesign has extensive expertise in this field. All relevant substrates that are available in the industry, be it Gypsum, wood, acoustic, soundproofing of Sound Studio, Space Management, creating new space for offices, refurbs or Upgrades, reinstatements in Shopping Malls, White Boxing or Hoardings.

Solid Services

We have increased our offering to our clients and services, to aesetically advance in design and in Application of the Build. From Wash basis to countertops and kitchen applications. Storon is a composite of a myriad of colours, it is extremely hardwearing, pliable, and gives an Immense stark add-on to the finished product. applications from supermarkets, chemists, hospitals, and also domestic applications. Founded and technically researched in 1954, now available in SA. Apart from the normal offerings, this product adds another leg to our all-ready Full Turnkey operation.

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